Pricing & Benefits


Depending on the size of your company and complexity of your financials I envision three pricing scenarios for these services:

  1. Initial Assessment / Planning Session / $750
  2. Monthly Analysis – Small Company / $500
  3. Monthly Analysis – Large Company / $750



  • The main value obtained is in your management team becoming more knowledgeable about company inner-workings, its financial characteristics and peculiarities, strengths and weaknesses. Once revealed and understood, the former can be capitalized upon and the latter strengthened if not corrected.
  • Management will discover a new awareness of what is actually occurring financially “under the covers” of your business, thereby gaining the opportunity to head off problems and surprises. This also generates the ability to create specific performance objectives for subordinate managers of such areas as inventory management, credit, pricing, operating expenses, purchasing, etc.
  • Your non-financial managers will become more comfortable with and conversant about financial matters, and gain confidence in this important area.
  • If management elects to share the information output with their bankers, one anticipated benefit is that the lender will gradually gain more confidence in management. As confidence improves, the banker will likely become more supportive, more flexible, and more committed to the success of your business. At a minimum communication between you and your lenders will improve.
  • As with the banker, the same can be said of shareholders and other key creditors such as key vendors and strategic partners. This is particularly important if you are relying on vendors for open account credit support.